New 2008 Blackbird

Like the supersonic spy jet from which it got its name, the Super Blackbird delivers an afterburner kick of truly earth-shattering performance that simply takes your breath away.

New 2008 Blackbird

Postby Iggy » Thu 23 Nov,2006 16:12

Just found this article on T.W.O's site.

Bye bye Blackbird?

2006 sees the 10th birthday of a modern motorcycling legend – the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird.
Since its launch in the last few months of 1996, the machine has been a cornerstone of Honda’s range, offering power, performance, practicality and the build quality you expect from Honda. We at TWO have often been impressed how the bike does in group tests with newer machines.
But, is 2007 going to be the last year of the current 1100cc Blackbird? To be honest, it’s well overdue for a makeover as the bike has hardly changed in the last decade.
The original carburated model ran from 1996 to 1998, to be replaced by the ‘new’ model with fuel-injection. Then, from the 2001 model, all that was added were new spark plugs, a catalytic converter, new digital clock layout and updated headlights and screen.
Despite this, it’s been the traditional Honda strengths of quality, finish and reliability that has kept the machine at the top, winning a number of group tests even against the ‘newer’ machines such as the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZX-12R.
With the hyperbike market dormant for so many years, Honda has been rumoured to be working on a replacement but has found it difficult to better what they already had. Then, when the ZZR1400 surfaced from Kawasaki last year the word on the street was that Honda boffins felt that their new Blackbird may be left in the shade by the new Kwak, hence it’s quiet disappearance.
So what now for the Honda Blackbird? Well, we’re banking on a new machine coming out at the end of 2007 for the 2008 model year. Features will include ABS and CBS as standard, a larger capacity 1400cc+ motor, hi-tech dash layout, and – possibly – the airbag. The ABS/CBS and airbag are important to Honda as safety is their number one priority. They’re still the only motorcycle signatories of the European Road Safety Charter. Inclusion of Honda’s ‘JustFit’ policy, where riders can move the seat and handlebars to customize the fit will also be included. Overall, the sporty nature of the bike will remain but be enhanced to give it ZZR-beating credentials.

Haven't seen anything from Honda yet.
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Postby Popeye » Thu 23 Nov,2006 23:10

Same old story every year mate. New Blackbird coming within two years..... next they'll revive the V5 engine story for it again. :roll:

In short. I'll believe it when I see it.
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Postby Chuff » Fri 24 Nov,2006 08:26

Yeah, there has meant to be a new Blackbird coming in for the last 4 years :roll:
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