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Like the supersonic spy jet from which it got its name, the Super Blackbird delivers an afterburner kick of truly earth-shattering performance that simply takes your breath away.

Postby CBRRIGG » Mon 20 Nov,2006 14:58

Try this link, then right click on "play video and save to your hard drive. It a maintenance manual for the 1999 on 1100XX

http://www.gofastvideo.com/gallery/item ... guide.html


Added after 72 hours 26 minutes:

Bit more info, This is the Honda service manual in PDF format and goes to 142 megabytes. Its 650 pages long and covers everything in detail.

Wouldnt be surprised if the post gets deleted on copyright basis, but its excellent for the Blackbird.

Ive seen the same thing on Ebay for sale on disc, but this is free and worth it!

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