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Like the supersonic spy jet from which it got its name, the Super Blackbird delivers an afterburner kick of truly earth-shattering performance that simply takes your breath away.

Postby CBRRIGG » Fri 17 Nov,2006 14:39

Just replaced my CBR600 with a Blackbird, 2001 model just before it went to the digital dash.

Great bike, very comfortable compared to the 600 and more economical too!

Mine is Candy Red which I think is the best colour, maybe followed by black or Grey but only my opinion.

Still got my 600 but when I go back on it, it feels underpowered and seems always to need to be in the 6000 RPM plus area to get any acceleration.

Not with the Blackie, it just goes!

Just for info, I'm 60, been on bikes since 16, and use my bike for a daily commute of 100 miles. I get a lot of pleasure going to and coming back from work. Thats what its all about!

Rgds to all on site

Postby Iggy » Fri 17 Nov,2006 15:36

My Blackbird plans have been put on hold for a while George. :(

Bad year at work. (well, lack of it really!)

I'm waiting for the '08 model to come out... :lol:
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Postby smix » Sun 19 Nov,2006 21:54

Oh nooooooooo. poor you. don't wait til 2008 if you an manage to get one before!! Crossing fingers things look up soon so you can up grade to a totally fab bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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